All Duration Investing is an asset allocation framework using an asset-liability matching approach to financial planning. Everyone has short, medium and long-term liabilities. The problem with investing is that these time horizons involve uncertainty because we do not know the time horizons over which certain instruments exist and protect us. For instance, cash is a perfect short-term nominal instrument, but creates uncertainty across the long-term as an inflation hedge. Stocks, on the other hand, are good inflation hedges in the long-run, but can create a lot of nominal uncertainty in the short-term.

The All Duration Investing approach quantifies the durations of these instruments and applies them in a framework that is temporally consistent with your personal planning needs. In doing so we create asset allocation models that are more consistent with our actual goals while also creating more behaviorally robust portfolios.

Planning Based
Fully Customizable
Low Fee and Tax Efficient
All Weather
Behaviorally Robust