How can Advisors and Institutions use the Discipline Fund?

We are investment advisors who have spent decades trying to help clients make prudent decisions and more efficiently manage their assets. We know how difficult that battle can be at times. We created the Discipline Fund specifically to help with this process by achieving several goals:

1) Simplify and streamline the allocation process so advisors can spend more time planning and less time worrying about portfolio management.

2) Improve tax efficiency and reduce capital gains distributions through the fund of funds ETF structure.

3) Reduce the need for rebalancing and maintain appropriate risk profile through the countercyclical rebalancing strategy.

4) Help with client behavior by providing a stable, countercyclical and diversified holding.

The Discipline Fund is ideal for financial planners who are looking for a conservative or moderate holding that they can fit into a core/satellite or asset-liability matching approach that helps retirees maintain confidence in their portfolio as they approach their withdrawal period. We know how difficult the retirement planning process can be from a behavioral perspective. When a retiree can segment their portfolio across specific time horizons, they are more likely to remain confident in the plan they’ve implemented. As a highly diversified and tax efficient fund with a moderate duration, the Discipline Fund can act as a ballast between conservative cash/bond positions and more aggressive stock positions that may help clients feel more comfortable and remain confident in their financial plan. See here for some sample portfolios showing how the Discipline Fund might help with your financial planning and asset allocation process.

We believe the Discipline Fund is also ideal for retirement plans looking to implement simple, low cost and diversified asset allocations that help the underlying plan participants remain disciplined across all market cycles. While retirement plan options can be overwhelming, the Discipline Fund can simplify the asset allocation process by offering diversification across stocks and bonds in a single low fee and diversified ETF.

If you are an Institution or Financial Advisor / Planner that is interested in the Discipline Fund, please contact us to learn more.

* – Duration refers to a bond’s price sensitivity to interest rate changes. In the context of stocks the duration of the instrument is utilized using Bernstein’s Price of Indifference, ie, the sensitivity of stocks to fluctuations in price relative to the instrument’s dividend payouts.