How Can an Individual Investor Benefit From the Discipline Fund?

The Discipline Fund can make it easy for individual investors to manage their own portfolios. The Fund does a lot of heavy lifting thanks to its design, including:

  • Access to 7,500+ underlying global stocks and high quality bonds via underlying ETFs.
  • Low costs of just 0.39% compared to 0.81% for most global allocation funds.
  • A tax efficient rebalancing vehicle wrapped in one ETF.
  • Fully systematic and algorithmic portfolio management.
  • Countercyclical rebalancing that operates as a behavioral hedge.

The Discipline Fund is a sophisticated asset in a very simple wrapper. To see some examples of how you might implement this fund in a portfolio please see here.

Discipline Portfolio Review

Are you looking for a little more help on the path to DIY investing? Are you looking for a second opinion about your portfolio or considering whether the Discipline Fund might be a good fit for you? Do you want us to customize your portfolio to include the Discipline Fund? The Discipline Portfolio review offers the following benefits:

  • An independent second opinion of your existing portfolio.
  • A risk profile review to consider whether you’re taking too much or not enough risk.
  • A comprehensive assessment of current funds and fees to streamline tax and fee efficiency.
  • Investment options regarding excess cash.
  • Explanation of how the Discipline Fund might fit into your current portfolio.

If you would prefer us to manage your entire portfolio and utilize the Discipline Fund within that portfolio we can also discuss options for personalized asset management. 

Contact us for more details.