Investing is hard. We want to make it easier.

Discipline Funds was founded to help investors build common sense portfolios that are consistent with personal financial planning needs and the way people actually perceive risk. We achieve this by implementing low fee, tax efficient, indexing based strategies that can be blended with a sound financial planning approach. 

We believe:

Taxes and fees have a devastating impact on your long-term returns. That’s why we offer some of the lowest flat fee and asset management fees in the financial services industry. We also offer tax optimization services such as tax loss harvesting and asset location. Most importantly, our products are designed to take advantage of the tax efficiency of the ETF structure to offer you the ability to rebalance and reduce capital gains over time.

Financial planning should be the foundation of any asset allocation. We believe most investment managers have an inherent conflict of interest in which they sell the hope of market beating returns in exchange for the guarantee of high fees. In most cases this involves taking more risk to generate higher returns which exacerbates behavioral biases for investors. We believe in starting with a financial planning based focus. Most investors don’t need to beat the market and shouldn’t even try. They should create a portfolio that helps them meet their financial goals without keeping them up at night. This means starting with a financial plan and applying the portfolio you need, not the portfolio you want.

Diversified indexing works. Evidence shows that stock picking and highly active investment strategies underperform diversified indexing strategies. And while we understand that every investor has a need to be active we also understand that too much activity can create excessive taxes and fees. That’s why we believe in using All Weather strategies that allow us to plan across all time horizons and take a longer, but appropriate time horizon. All Weather strategies such as Risk Parity and the Permanent Portfolio have a long track record of providing diversified and balanced returns. At Discipline Funds we take it one step further by utilizing our innovative All Duration methodology which helps us establish a diversified all weather strategy that is customized to your specific financial planning needs.

The investor’s worst enemy is himself. Investing is mostly a battle in the 8 inches between your ears. The markets will boom and bust across time and you need to be disciplined and systematic to help you navigate all the ups and downs. This is why we believe in building behaviorally robust and systematic strategies that help you remain comfortable and stay the course.