I recently joined Andrew Horowitz on the Disciplined Investor podcast to talk about…you guessed it – financial discipline. The interview starts at the 18:30 mark and we cover lots of ground in here including:

  1. What does investing discipline mean to me?
  2. How a good financial plan is like dieting – easy in theory, but difficult in implementation.
  3. Why time management is the most important aspect of good financial planning and asset management.
  4. Simple is better, but too simple can be a problem.
  5. How we implement the All Duration strategy to help people navigate time in their financial plan.
  6. How problematic is the Fitch downgrade of US government debt? Does it matter for bonds?
  7. Why the US government is different from a household.
  8. The trouble with a fixed money supply system like Bitcoin.
  9. The risk of a double bump in inflation.
  10. What is insurance in a portfolio and do you need it?

We covered a lot of ground in here. I hope you find it helpful.