Discipline Portfolio Manager FAQ

The Discipline Portfolio Manager is your personal portfolio manager. All you need is an account at Charles Schwab and we can then implement a fully customized portfolio managed full-time by Discipline Funds. This means you can relax and do what you're best at while we maintain the portfolio, rebalance, reinvest, tax loss harvest, etc.
We will implement a fully customized version of our Defined Duration Investing strategy. The Defined Duration portfolio is a holistic financial planning based strategy that’s designed to weather all environments across specific time horizons and help you stay the course. It’s globally diversified, balanced for risk, low fee and tax efficient.
Initiating the Discipline Portfolio Manager is easy. All you need is a Charles Schwab account. Contact us to link our institutional account to your retail account and we can get the ball rolling.
Yes, we adhere to a strict fiduciary standard. This means that we are always looking out for the best interests of our clients. Our transparent, liquid and third party custodian arrangement leaves us independent of the conflicts of interest that plague so many other financial firms. We only utilize products that we ourselves would buy for our personal accounts and we have no ties to any third party that requires us to sell their products. In addition, we eat our own cooking so we maintain a management style that leaves the performance of our accounts in-line with the way our clients are actually invested. Our independence allows us to better serve our clients by aligning the interests of our firm with those of the client.
Our process involves a comprehensive financial review. This requires an in-depth balance sheet review and financial audit. If you have questions about 401Ks, 529 plans, annuities, insurance products, etc. we are happy to help provide our planning services as part of the overall annual flat fee.
The Discipline Portfolio Manager costs $4,500 per year. This does not include the cost of underlying funds, however, we utilize only low fee ETFs in our portfolios.