All Duration Investing FAQ

All Duration Investing is a holistic financial planning based strategy that’s designed to weather all environments across specific time horizons and help you stay the course. We've constructed a model that applies a specific time horizon to asset classes and strategies. After assessing your financial liabilities across specific time horizons we're then able to apply the proper assets to match those liabilities. This results in a portfolio that is not only diversified across asset classes, but more importantly, it's diversified across time. This is crucial in the process of meeting your financial goals so you can construct an asset allocation where you have greater certainty about the quantities of assets you'll have at specific times in the future. Additionally, this framework constructs a proper behavioral perspective of certain assets to help you generate better returns by behaving better.
The All Duration portfolio is a highly diversified portfolio of global stocks, bonds, REITs, commodities, gold, cash and other assets. This portfolio can be customized to your specific liability needs and time horizons so that we match certain assets with certain liabilities. In doing so we seek to help you have greater certainty about your assets across specific time horizons while helping you behave better.
The All Duration Income strategy uses the same general asset-liability matching framework that the All Duration strategy uses, however, it is constructed specifically around income generating instruments to help you maximize income. We know from the white paper that one of the primary ways to reduce duration is through income generation. This strategy is specifically geared towards income to help you increase your short-term income and certainty so you can have greater confidence in your financial plan.
This can vary greatly depending on how the customized portfolio is constructed for you. But in general, we don't believe in the Wall Street mantra of trying to beat the market and get rich quick concepts.

The investment management business has mastered the art of selling high fees in exchange for the hope of high returns. But unfortunately, high fees in no way guarantee high performance. And ultimately, this financial model can lead to a portfolio manager taking additional risk to try to “beat the market.” This creates behavioral risk for the shareholders since they may be subject to big swings in their savings due to this increased risk.

We believe investors deserve a more honest approach to performance. Most investors shouldn't try to beat the market and probably have no need to. Instead, they should focus on reallocating their savings in a manner that is aligned with their personal financial goals and behavioral constraints. This means investing in the appropriate portfolio rather than the illusory perfect market-beating portfolio.

The Countercyclical Indexing and All Duration strategies are not "beat the market" strategies. They are strategies that are specifically structured to align with your financial goals and help you behave better. This will not only increase the odds of achieving your financial goals, but it will also help you sleep better and focus on the things that are most important in life.